Annual Meeting of Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation’s Alumni Club

In July 2015, former participants of the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation came together at “Birdie Bar” in Schwabing for the Alumnis Club’s annual meeting.

As a start, chairman Dan Burns (class of 2009) drew balance: Currently nearly 80% of all Alumni also count as members of the Alumni Club, which includes about 100 entrepreneurs and executives. The lively and active network is based mostly on various events, organized by the Alumni Club, as well as on spirited personal exchange. The Alumni Club is also going to provide an extensive program in the upcoming months: the “Alumni Academy” will continue, including a sales-workshop in September. The premier of “International Startup Trip”, to Israel this year, is scheduled for November – aiming to experience the lively start-up environment of Tel-Aviv.

Finally, several Alumni reported on new developments concerning their start-ups. Wrapping up the official part of the annual meeting, Alumni were given the opportunity to maintain and establish contact.

Further information about and pictures from the meeting can be found here.

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