Artificial intelligence and the job market – which professions are at risk?

In 20 years, every fifth job in Germany could be done by robots. In an interview with Prof. Thomas Hutzschenreuter – Professor of Strategic and International Management at TUM School of Management – comments on the phenomenon, how jobs change due to digitization, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

First, the steam engine turned the world upside down, then electricity, now it is computers. We are in the midst of the third industrial revolution. At its end, our world of work will be very different than it was before. Robots are perfect employees: they drive cars, process huge amounts of data and never complain. This is a problem in particular for young people who have finished school and are thinking about which jobs will still be in demand in 30 years.

Typically, entry-level and temporary jobs are most at risk. They are often repeatable and thus very well programmable, states Prof. Thomas Hutzschenreuter. He recommends considering such aspects already during one’s studies. Which professions are particularly promising for the future and why even prospective lawyers and physicians are affected by the changes, are answered in the podcast episode:

The post Artificial intelligence and the job market – which professions are at risk? appeared first on Technical University of Munich – School of Management.

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