BCG Gender Diversity Index in cooperation with Chair of Strategy and Organization

According to the „BCG Gender Diversity Index“, female members of management and supervisory boards are paid significantly less than male members. The index was compiled by BCG in cooperation with TUM School of Management’s chair of strategy and organization held by Prof. Isabell Welpe to investigate the gender pay gap in Germany’s one hundred largest companies in terms of market capitalization.

The study shows that female management board members on average earn thirty percent less than their male colleagues, female supervisory board members earn twenty-five percent less. Rocìo Lorenzo, BCG partner and responsible for the index, explains the gender gap with the fact that male board members more often hold the chair of a board and or they are part of better paid boards. The study also revealed that the female share in German management boards is six percent and in supervisory boards twenty-nine percent. Also two thirds of the investigated companies have no female member in their management board.

Another study conducted by BCG and the chair of strategy and organization found that companies are more innovative if they foster diversity. Rocìo Lorenzo therefore states: “Someone who wants more innovation should urgently employ, develop and promote more women.”

Find more information on the BCG Gender Diversity Index (in German) here.
Find the study “The mix that matters – innovation through diversity” here.

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