Campus Straubing launch seen as success by students and professors

Straubing has recently become a university town with the opening of its Technical University of Munich (TUM) Campus. During its short existence, the Straubing Campus has already housed around 300 students, are these students satisfied with the conditions and infrastructure of the campus? Could anything be improved? These and other questions were tackled at an event organized by the Straubings Daily Paper’s youth editorial where two students, one professor and Straubing’s mayor Markus Pannermayr presented their findings and opinions to a crowd of 60 people at the AnStatt Theater on February 1, 2018.

The two students, Leonard Pischon and Andreas Lesny, made their opinios about the state of the campus public and even though in their eyes some things at the campus could be improved, their overall impression of the time they spent at Campus Straubing was highly positive. Both students mentioned how easy it has been to communicate with both the university and city representatives and that they were glad to always have an open channel to discuss their studies and concerns.

Comments were also made by atendees about the young and motivated professors and the incredible state of the buildings, the mayor commented on the positive repercussions of the campus for the city saying that he predicts that the campus will bring it new life as it develops.

Some negative comments were made by students for example the difficulty of engaging with students from other universities (since transport to Straubing can be complicated) and the lack of a proper student dorm. Some of these concerns were adressed by the mayor, who pledged to make arrangements in order to remedy the situation.

The overall conclusion of the event seems to be that things have been going well at the Straubing campus and that students, professors and the city itself feel optimistic about the future of the sustainability-focused TUM Campus.

TUM School of Management offers its study program Bachelor in Management & Technology with the specialization Renewable Resources there. This specialization module can be followed only at TUM Campus Straubing.


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