Zertifikat: Digital Transformation & Change Management

Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space

Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space English Online/Distance variable, self-paced Digitalisation is changing our society and the working world, creating new processes and radically altering existing workflows. Aerospace is being impacted like every other scientific field and innovation without digitalisation is no longer conceivable. The three-part MOOC series “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space” is thus devoted to examining the transformations that have already occurred and forthcoming likely changes, posing the question: what will aerospace science be like in future and what Read More here

Certified Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology Manager

In this brand-new program corporate leaders learn how to implement and manage Blockchain and DLT technology and how to unlock its potential for the enterprise. The program offers maximum flexibility through pure Digital Learning and free choice of modules to suit the individual level of knowledge and professional background.

Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship

This module explains the basic principles of digital transformation that lead to profitable and sustainable digital business models and processes by covering the topics of Digital transformation around IT & societal mega trends, Innovation through IT processes, Research & development, The effect of digital innovations on business behavior.

Business Processes & Technology

This module is the core concept of the interface between Business & IT, it covers: Managing and modeling business processes, Business processes and their role in building success, Business processes in risk management and decision making, Developments in information technology, The role of IT in modern business.

Change Management & Human Capital

This module is about initiating and guiding organizational change and the role of people in making it happen and covers the topics of Change management, Large organization transformation, The implementation of large and/or innovative IT systems, Methods to manage change and human resources, Managing human capital.

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