„Healthy Leadership“:
Mental health in the workplace

  • German
  • Online/Distance
  • October 2021
  • 3 Days
  • 2400 €, Discounts available

In German companies, mental illness is now one of the most common reasons for sick days among employees. The rising number of these sick days often poses major challenges for companies, but also for colleagues and entire teams.

Leaders are often not prepared for dealing with employees who are mentally stressed or ill. The Corona pandemic and increased remote working and working from home present team leaders with additional challenges.

Many problems can be prevented if leaders use tried-and-tested methods in their daily work and in (digital) employee management. This is where the online seminar “Healthy Leadership: Mental Health in the Workplace” comes in. It provides participants with a holistic overview of how the mental health of employees can be maintained and promoted and how psychosocial stress can be identified and addressed. Participants also learn methods to promote the prevention of psychosocial stress in the work environment and to anchor the topic of “healthy leadership” in the corporate culture.

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Why this program?

The seminar is held in cooperation with Dr. Simon Senner, senior physician at the Klinikum rechts der Isar, the university hospital of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). It combines medical background knowledge with leadership approaches (e.g. methods of interviewing, methods of employee management). In Module 2, participants learn all the relevant information about “risk assessment of mental stress” methods, which companies are legally obliged to carry out. Team leaders play a central role in this process.

The seminar is deliberately held in a small group of participants and thus allows a confidential atmosphere as well as space for individual situations and cases from participants’ working environment, which are of course treated completely confidentially. The seminar fee includes a free individual case consultation for participants for one year after the seminar by Dr. Senner.


  • Modules: Module 1: "Healthy leadership": What can managers and companies do?

    Module 2: Risk assessment of mental stress: Knowing legal obligations
  • Target Group: Employees with personnel responsibility, Managers and Executives, company owners, HR professionals, company physicians
  • Program Fee: Programm Fee: 2,400 €

    Discount for Alumni and partners:
    Module 1: 1,200 €*
    Module 1-2: 1,800 €*
    Add. 10% discount for employees of BMW Group in Germany
  • Language: German
  • Format & Timing: Next program start in 2022, exact dates will be published here as soon as possible
  • Academic Director: Dr. med. Simon Senner, senior physician Klinikum rechts der Isar, specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy

*Based on our experience, the German tax benefits help many of our participants to self-finance their education as these can be worth of up to 50% of tuition fees and program related travel costs. Please, consult your personal tax advisor for more details. For participants of our programs residing outside Germany this might be applicable, please check the situation with the local tax authorities in your country of residence.

program structure

Day 1:

Discovering psychological stress in the workplace:

  • How can I discover psychological stress among employees?
  • How can I react at an early stage?

Conversation management when psychosocial stress is detected:

  • Why do managers find it difficult to address the issue?
  • Should I address my suspect? If so, how?
  • Hands-on training of a tried-and-tested conversation system

Day 2:

Developing solutions for the individual company environment – as a team

Prevention of mental illness: What can the company / the team leader / everyone do?

“Healthy leadership” in times of the Corona pandemic & remote working

Day 1:

Risk assessment of mental health (German occupational health and safety act “Arbeitsschutzgesetz” §5)

  • Learning how to carry out the entire risk assessment in a goal-oriented manner:
  • Questionnaire survey
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Development of possible solutions
  • Fulfillment of the legal requirements that every manager should be aware of

From a chore to a key corporate issue: How can mental health improvements become part of the corporate culture?

Are you interested in this certificate or similar programs? Stay up to date!

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