Changing the World Little by Little

We, at the TUM School of Management, strongly believe in the force of innovation and modern technologies that are driving our society. Hard work and pioneering ideas lead the way to a better future. Meanwhile, it’s not always a radical idea that ultimately makes the world a better place. Small steps can improve our living conditions, too. Through changes applied to everyday life, everyone can make a contribution.

When we think of common habits at any University, a coffee-to-go cup that replaces the disposable article is a first step to a more sustainable campus. Since October 2019, the TUM Management Alumni e.V. has established its own bamboo coffee mug. Designed by a collaboration of members of the association and the marketing team, a lot of students already use it regularly to kick-start their days without a bad conscience.

Get your own coffee-to-go-cup

Here is your chance to get your very own reusable cup. Join the TUM Management Alumni e.V., which is free for all active TUM School of Management students, and receive a coffee mug on top. The first 20 students or alumni who register here will even receive the mug by mail. Everyone who registers later can pick it up at the Service Point as soon as the new semester starts.

A network to boost your career

Of course, joining the TUM Management Alumni e.V. comes with way more advantages than being able to enjoy your daily coffee in a sustainable way. The network with more than 3,400 members connects alumni, students and partners. At events spread throughout the year, former and current students come together to exchange ideas. The close contact to alumni and their companies is especially valuable for students – because building a valuable network is one of the most important steps to pave the way to a successful career. Besides the social events, there are various official career events where students can get to know partner companies and their representatives. Even in times of the coronavirus, the TUM Management Alumni e.V. is set to host a lot of interesting get-togethers – virtually, of course. The membership is free for students.

If you are interested in the upcoming events, take a look at the website of TUM Management Alumni e.V.

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