Customized Program “iDARE” With HENSOLDT Completed Successfully

The first edition of the “iDARE” leadership development program with HENSOLDT, started in December 2017, was completed successfully in April 2018. At the innovative TUM Campus in Garching, participants of the Customized Program wrapped up their course program with training sessions, workshops, reflection sessions and two evening sessions. They also had a chance to visit the MakerSpace workshop and meet start-up companies as well as innovative guest speakers.

The “iDARE” leadership development program was created in close cooperation with TUM experts to meet the particular demands of the global company headquartered in the town of Taufkirchen near Munich. The program’s modules focused on the targeted development of leadership skills in key areas such as digitization, agile methodology, reflection, and entrepreneurship. The curriculum included the fundamentals of agile methodology such as Business Canvas Design.

In between the modules, participants worked on their individual action plans for building their own leadership skills with direct support from trained business coaches. Over the course of several reflection sessions, participating HENSOLDT executives evaluated their progress with peer coaching techniques. The basis for these evaluations was provided by Leadership Profiles for each participant, created during the program from 180-degree-feedback between colleagues.

Supporting the program’s goal of transferring newly learned capabilities into leadership practice at the global company, two main areas of focus emerged:

  1. Which newly acquired skills can participants bring into their daily responsibilities to further improve their leadership capabilities?
  2. How can today’s business leaders work in an agile and innovative manner while motivating their teams?

In light of the positive response among participants, additional runs of this Customized Program are already in the planning stages. HENSOLDT is a world leader in the field of premium sensors and has a strong presence in industries such as radars, optronics and electronic protection systems. The company emerged in 2017 as a spin-off from the electronics branch of the Airbus Group and currently employs 4,000 people at locations in Germany and South Africa.

Our Customized Programs are company-specific executive education initiatives developed in close cooperation between the EEC and HR professionals, individually tailored towards customer requirements. Our Customized Programs for 2018 include the continuation of established programs as well as new offerings. For additional information regarding our Customized Programs, please visit the program page.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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