Customized Program With Santander Builds “Leadership Excellence”

February marked the successful conclusion of our executive education program created specifically for alumni of the TUM Santander Management Keys Program.

Now in its second iteration, the successful Customized Program “Leadership Excellence” provides advanced leadership tools for business executives. With two modules at one-and-a-half days each, the module was developed with Santander to meet the needs of the financial organization’s head executives, including business segment leaders and project directors.

The second module provided participants with the chance to address aspects of their own personal leadership approach and apply learnings from previous modules. On the first day, the group focused on questions related to international management, including: How can managers cooperate and communicate effectively with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds? In the next step, Santander executives were given a chance to apply their new skills in practice-based exercises.

As another key focus segment, the group further explored ethical leadership practice as well as the role of solid value concepts in the age of digital transformation. This area was also supplemented by practical exercises to reinforce these newly acquired skills.

Completing a successful module, Santander executives received their final certificates. We wish all participants the best for applying their learnings in their organization.

Our Customized Programs are company-specific executive education initiatives developed in close cooperation with HR professionals. They are created in direct cooperation between TUM-experts and partners in science and enterprise. Our Customized Programs for 2018 include the continuation of established programs as well as new offerings. For additional information regarding our tailor-made Customized Programs for some of the world’s leading organizations, please visit the program page

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