Customized Programs: Theme Day “Leadership in the Digital Age“ at Roche Meeting Center

As part of the Strategy Workshop held by the executive team of Roche Germany, TUM experts contributed to the theme day “Leadership in the Digital Age – how are we going to prepare both ourselves and our talents?”. The perfect backdrop for this highly engaging event held on 19 September, 2017 was provided by the Roche Forum Buonas Ltd, the company’s internal training and meeting center in Switzerland.

In her opening keynote, Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus, Senior Vice President Talent Management & Diversity and Vice Dean of Executive Education at TUM, showcased the key challenges posed by digital transformation, which led to highly engaged group discussions on questions including: What are the transformative effects of digital disruption? What are the specific demands posed by generations Y and Z? And what are the consequences for business leaders dealing with young employees?

In an energized working atmosphere, participants completed five workshops on the topic of digitization, three of which were presented by the TUM Chair of Research & Science Management. Under the heading “Changing Values”, the breakout session led by Dr. Armin Pircher Verdorfer encouraged participants to openly voice recent changes in value perceptions and their implementation within the organization.

The panel discussion “Influencing Others” directed by Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus highlighted opportunities for business leaders to have a positive influence on their employees by adopting a self-reflected leadership style. Dr. Ellen Schmid’s panel discussion on “Communication and Feedback“ explored constructive approaches to receiving feedback as well as the role of new digital platforms for evaluating employees.

Digital platforms were also the focus of the workshop “Technical Tools for Collaboration“ headed by Dr. Moritz Marcinowski (Roche), which highlighted tools such as WhatsApp together with their constructive application in a work context. On the subject of “Reverse Mentoring” participants were inspired by Dr. Gabriele Pestlin (Roche) to learn from younger employees and view challenges from their perspective.

Supporting the panel discussions, an online tool provided a chance to “tweet” questions live into the panel, which proved a productive addition to a fruitful theme day. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the leadership team at Roche Germany for this successful event.

Our Customized Programs are company-specific executive education initiatives developed in close cooperation with HR professionals to meet specific client requirements. Our Customized Programs for 2017 include the continuation of established programs as well as new offerings. For additional information regarding our tailor-made Customized Programs for some of the world’s leading organizations, please visit the program page

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