Deutschlandstipendium supported thousands of Bavarian students in 2017

Deutschlandstipendium is offered by a great number of universities in Germany as a form of supporting and incentivising highly talented students in their projects and professional development. The scholarship not only supports students financially, but also offers opportunities such as mentoring programs, internships and networking events. The receivers of the scholarship have the opportunity to personally meet their sponsors.

The latest “Statistics report” released by the Bavarian State Office of Statistics states that over 3580 students in Bavaria received the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship in 2017, half of them were given to female students. 47,1% of the entirety of the scholarships given out in Germany were awarded by the 3 biggest universities in Bavaria, including the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

TUM School of Management’s Alumni association also supports students with Deutschlandstipendium scholarships and has given out an increasing amount of them in the last couple of years.
Information on dates and the application process for the scholarship at the Technical Univeristy of Munich (TUM)’s page. Applications are set to start sometime during summer 2018.

Find out more about Deutschlandstipendium here.

More information on TUM Management Alumni e.V.’s sponsored Deutschlandstipendium can be found here.

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