Digitization at Garching promoted by political party

Garching, with its growing academic scene due to its Technical University of Munich (TUM) campus, has recently been included in the term “Bavarian Valleys” as a center for modern research and development. The German political party FDP intends to promote research on digitization and new work models based on technology at the town and its campus by opening a digital ministry. The ministry should be seen as a “think tank” for new developments and to further a “digital transformation”. TUM’s Garching campus has been included in the university’s expansion plans and incetives from the party are being directed towards expanding Campus Garching to maybe add localized student accomodations in the future.

The incentives on digitization in the area are meant to hopefully in the future reduce burocracy and make new forms of work and development possible through technology. Developments in technology also mean to bring outside investors ad start-ups to the region, thus modernizing work structures and setting an example for others to follow.


Picture: A. Heddergott / TUM

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