Dr. Jamie L. Gloor Honored with Emerald Best Dissertation Award

We are happy announce a high-profile award for a TUM-study on an important subject: At the Academy of Management Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Jamie L. Gloor from the Chair of Research and Science Management at TUM School of Management received the Emerald Best Dissertation Award. Her paper was chosen in the category “Best research paper based on a dissertation” in the Gender & Diversity in Organizations segment.

Under the title “An Inconvenient Truth? Interpersonal and Career Consequences of ‘Maybe Baby’ Expectations”, the study provides important scientific insights into the situation of women in the early stages of their careers, who are met with adversity or distrust because they are pregnant or may potentially wish to become mothers (Maybe Baby).

As the study demonstrates, this group of women is facing enormous professional handicaps and discrimination in today’s workplace. Three out of four organizations would rather break the law than employ a pregnant woman or woman of child-bearing age.

The most important take-away of the study: Childless women most often report uncivil or rude conduct from colleagues and superiors compared with other groups (parents and childless men). These statistics are not affected by the fact whether or not these women may actually happen to be pregnant or wish to bear children. Nevertheless, they are met with suspicion and negative attitudes, with consequences reaching all the way to these women completely abandoning their careers.

As the statistical basis for the study, the researchers conducted a survey among 474 women in the early stages of their careers at 12 universities across Switzerland. Compiled in cooperation with co-authors Xinxin Li and Sandy Lim of the National University of Singapore and Dr. Anja Feierabend (University of Zurich), the highly relevant study ranged among the top 10 percent of all research papers accepted for the largest international management conference with over 10,000 participants. We congratulate the authors on their award and contribution to gender equality in the workplace.

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