Eight team members at the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning explain: “Why we love learning”

At the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning, we are passionate about learning. For Valentine’s Day 2022, we asked eight team members from all areas of the institute – from internal training for TUM employees to the Executive and Professional Education programs – what the idea of lifelong learning means to them, what excites them about what they do, and why they want to motivate others to learn something new.



“Even without being a lecturer or teacher myself, I love that as part of the TUM Institute of LifeLong Learning I can contribute to the continuous education journey of our participants by providing the environment and opportunity within our programs that brings experts and learners together.”

Sandra Kersting, Program Manager Executive MBA


“Lifelong learning means having a certain mindset, an attitude. To always see yourself as someone learning. It means an openness in how I approach myself and others. What do I particularly enjoy about my job? For me, it’s the variety of topics and the different people for and with whom I work on new teaching and learning formats. To include the different backgrounds and perspectives and to create new things together.”

Dr. Sonja Kugler, Learning Professional at CareerDesign@TUM


“’Curiosity killed the cat.’ Or did it? Stepping outside our boundaries is traditionally viewed as dangerous and risky behavior. Trusting your ability to develop, and actively seeking opportunities to learn new skills, is what makes lifelong learning so important. Cats have nine lives. We only have one.
So scream it from the rooftops: ‘curiosity upskilled the cat’”.

John Pye, Manager for International Relations & Alliances



“At TUM horizons, we offer continuing education for all TUM employees, with a focus on administration. What I love about it is the contact with many people from all over TUM. Through their feedback, we know that we are bringing about concrete changes in the everyday work of our participants with our offerings – a great motivation for us!”

Ann-Christin Gritto, Program Manager at TUM horizons



“There is always something I don’t know yet. The complexity in technology, society and politics always needs new updates, also within us. In order for us as humans to make conscious decisions about what is important to us in particular the society we live in, lifelong learning is needed.”

Patrick Lenz, Learning & Development Expert and Program Development



“Learning and further education have become part of professional life – and that also applies to executives and team leads, who must constantly adapt themselves and their team to new situations and requirements. That’s why I’m glad and proud that with Faculty@TUM we’re helping to establish a leadership culture of lifelong learning at TUM. For me, responsible leadership means ‘learning leaders’ as role models who inspire and promote the personal and professional development of their employees.”

Dr. Johanna Platter, Program Manager at Faculty@TUM



“My heart has long been beating for the topic of learning – from youth work to personnel development. In doing so, I particularly enjoy seeing how people develop through new learning and achieve their goals or realize their dreams.”

Stephanie Bastin, Team Lead Certificate & Customized Programs



“Broadening my personal horizons and having a wide range of interests – these are aspects that are important to me in my life, both professionally and personally. Through lifelong learning, I can pursue this openness to new things. I am very grateful to be able to live this out not only in my free time, but also through my professional activities.”

Thekla Truebenbach, Research Associate ProLehre | Media and Didactics

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