EMBA “Class of 2017” Visits Tsinghua University in Beijing


As part of their fifth attendance block, our EMBA “Class of 2017” spent two weeks at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

During the first week, the participants got an inside look at Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communications and attended the courses “Intercultural Communication”, “The Chinese Media System” as well as “The Image of China”. The first week also featured company visits at leading international firms. Our class visited Daimler BBAC, Brunswick Group (consultancy for strategic communications) and the German Embassy in Beijing where they were officially received by Economic Ambassador Dr. Franz Rückert. In order to soak up some culture, the class visited the Great Wall of China and Beijing’s Forbidden City. For culinary delights, the class toured the Finger Food Market, the Lao She Tea House, and sampled plenty of Peking Duck.

In the second week, the class was invited to Tsinghua School of Economics and Management. Besides many exciting courses about China’s economic power, two company visits and an evening session were part of the program. The participants visited Digital China, a stock quoted company, which wants to facilitate the digitalization of China by providing appropriate IT and technology innovations. Moreover, they made a tour through Tsinghua University’s “x-lab” – an academic platform for fostering projects from creative students and encouraging start-up entrepreneurs. During their stay, the participants also realized the negative effects of China’s great economic growth – the smog was all over the city. Therefore, an evening session with Bettina B. Scheibe, Director of Business Development of Cambridge Mask Co, was especially relevant, since Cambridge Mask Co develops masks for humans to counteract the smog problem.

We would like to thank our hosts and partners at Tshingua University for this unforgettable experience and look forward to the upcoming attendance block here in Munich.


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