EMBA in Business & IT “Expanded Perspective on Leadership”

Over the past few years, our part-time program Executive MBA in Business & IT has been supported with partial scholarships by our partner VOICE, the German Association of IT-Users. The scholarships are aimed at leaders and professionals dealing with digital transformation in businesses that are members of VOICE. Applications can be submitted at any time.

Scholarship recipients include Matthias Gut, Head of Enterprise Cloud Services & Digital Innovation at German-based company Sto and currently finishing his EMBA Master’s Thesis.

Matthias Gut says he benefitted from enrolling in the Executive MBA program, during which he attended lectures at TU Munich and St. Gallen University. During a study trip to Berkeley, California, Gut and fellow participants also gained first-hand insights into the start-up company scene in Silicon Valley while building intercultural communication skills.

Gut also stated that he managed to handle program requirements simultaneously to obligations in the workplace, thanks to diligent planning and preparation. Among his colleagues and supervisors at the company, his participation in the Executive Education Program received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Overall, the Executive MBA in Business & IT experience has broadened his horizons and supplied important know-how on leadership in the age of digital transformation: “My perspective on leadership and digitization has expanded tremendously. I can tell the difference myself and so can others,“ said Matthias Gut while emphasizing the benefits for aspiring business leaders: “The EMBA is a clear commitment to management, you have to really want to get there.”

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