Eric Schmidt at the TUM Speakers Series: A follow-up

The Ex-Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt spoke to students about his past experiences working at the company and the rise of “Industry 4.0” at the latest edition of the TUM Speakers Series. Among other topics, Schmidt adressed over 1000 students about the importance of academic development and motivated the public to be more open towards new technologies and possibilities related to artificial intelligence, especially now that Google has been announced as TUM’s (Technical University of Munich) newest “excellence partner”.

Eric Schmidt stated that “we are living in the age of intelligence” and that artificial intelligence will improve not only the academic field, but also others such as the medical and entrepreneurial worlds.
When speaking about a more general “industry 4.0”, the ex-chairman called German engineering the “best in the world” and stated that due to the fact that Germany has entered the software revolution relatively late, the country still needs to build solid foundations when it comes to machine learning in its software community.

Eric Schmidt called his visit “Isar Valley meets Silicon Valley” and justified the comparison with the fact that TUM is one of the three German “Universities of Excellence” and that he is very optimistic about the research that will be conducted at the university in conjunction with Google.

The whole video on the event can be found here.

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