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Virtual Master Class: AI and the Law – Navigating the Legal Landscape

25 July 2024
5:00 - 6:30 pm
+49 (89) 289 – 26755

AI technologies are rapidly advancing and increasingly integrated into various sectors, raising complex legal issues around accountability, privacy, intellectual property, and ethical use. Understanding and shaping the legal framework is crucial to ensure that AI development and deployment are fair, transparent, and beneficial to society while mitigating risks and potential harms.
Join our Masterclass to learn a little bit more about how to navigate the legal landscape.

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Keynote: AI and the Law: Navigating the Legal Landscape
AI Legal Framework / AI Legal and Regulation Compliance / AI and Intellectual Property / AI Data Privacy / AI Liability / AI Governance / Legal Challenges in AI / AI Risk Management

Introduction to the program Applied AI in technical innovation

Q&A Session

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Meet our speakers

Prof. Dr. Boris P. Paal M.Jur. (Oxford)

Chair for Law and Regulation of the Digital Transformation TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology (SOT), Department of Governance Technische Universität München (TUM)

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