Exhibition for the opening of the Extended Reality Lab at TUM Campus Heilbronn

On October 10 2019, TUM School of Management will open its Extended Reality Lab at the Campus Heilbronn with an exhibition in cooperation with TUM Center for Digital Leadership Development (TUM CDLD). Visitors are invited to experience virtual and augmented reality technologies and explore their impact on leadership training and management education. The entry is free and everyone is welcome to join us at TUM Campus Heilbronn.

In close collaboration with various stakeholders, experts, and user groups the TUM CDLD will develop prototypical new formats and services to improve teaching and learning. All new formats will be available for the University in general any time soon and will foster the future orientation of the TUM as a place of lifelong learning . The TUM CDLD works, amongst other technologies, with virtual and augmented realities, digital coaching, and online learning environments.

The opening exhibition showcases best practices and new applications from academic and corporate partners, that were mainly developed at the TUM Center for Digital Leadership Development (TUM CDLD) led by Senior Vice President Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus (TUM).

  • 360° Leadership videos. Produced by TUM CDLD
  • Digital Coach Emma. Co-produced by TUM CDLD and Everskill
  • Charismatic speech analysis and training. A collaboration of the TUM CDLD and the University of Southern Denmark
  • Coaching with avatars in virtual space. In cooperation with UniTyLab Heilbronn
  • VR-assisted mental training through neurofeedback (EEG). A collaboration of the TUM CDLD and brainboost
  • The room – your canvas. Drawing in virtual space.

The exhibition is part of the Long Night of Science taking place on the educational campus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation in Heilbronn, which has meanwhile grown to nine educational institutions. To present its diversity, all institutions have set out and initiated a colorful program – with lectures, workshops, installations and celebrations – which will reflect the full range of knowledge and training that exists on the educational campus. The TUM CDLD will contribute a series of lightning talks that focus on leadership training and educational technologies:

8.15 pm // “Immersive Learning in Virtual Spaces – The opening of the TUM Extended Reality Lab at Campus Heilbronn.” Speakers: Prof. Helmut Krcmar (TUM Campus Heilbronn), Dr. Emanuel Schreiner (TUM CDLD), Thomas Münch (TUM CDLD) and Karina Piersig (TUM XR-LAB Heilbronn)

8.45 pm // “Human-Computer Interaction: A valuable part in the area of Digital Transformation”. Speaker: Prof. Gerrit Meixner (UniTyLab Heilbronn)

9.15 pm // “What executives can learn from top athletes”. Speaker: Dr. Daniel Schmelzer (Everskill GmbH)

9.45 pm // “The Wow and the How: Analyzing and Training Charismatic Voices Around the World” Speaker: Prof. Oliver Niebuhr (University of South Denmark)

10.15 pm // “Your brain in VR: Xperience the power of the NOW.” Speakers: Romina Schwippl und Thy-Diep (Yip) Ta (brainboost)

10.45 pm // “EdTech start-ups. Reinventing the Future.” Speaker: Tim Lampe (CampusFounders)




TUM XR LAB opening event

Oct 10 2019, 7.00 – 11.00 pm

Am Bildungscampus 3,

74076 Heilbronn

Building L, 1st basement


Contact: Karina Piersig


Phone: 07131 – 26418306

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