Feeling the heat

As part of our February module on “Stakeholder Management” we put our students through their paces in a simulated financial press conference. Guided by the fantastic Mr. Rainer Westermann, a communications expert, our students took on the roles of the board, the communications department and the eager press in a high pressure and engaging afternoon.

In a perfect complement to the prior teaching on engaging with financial stakeholders, our EMBAs were able to actively practice and put to use what they had learned and discussed in the morning. The role play was enjoyed by all – particularly those students who took on the role of the media, as they enthusiastically probed the board on their difficult financial situation. Mr. Westermann facilitated the session brilliantly, intervening at moments to fine tune response, give advice on handling difficult press questions, and giving examples from his profound experience in corporate communications. Active, challenging and practice specific – another example of where we at TUM School of Management look to bridge theory and the real business world in the engaging way that makes our Executive MBA so unique.

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