Five Out of Five

Just recently, TUM School of Management was honored to become the only German school to receive top ratings in all categories concerning research and our scientific approach to lecture in the latest CHE Ranking.

“As the Vice Dean of Research I am particularly proud of our excellent results in research. TUM School of Management is the only management school ranked in the top group in all five criteria related to research: Both regarding inputs, reflected by third party funding, and outputs – measured by the school’s research reputation, the number of doctoral students per professor, and the number of publications per professor.”, says Prof. Dr. Henkel, Vice Dean of Research at TUM School of Management. “Not measured by the CHE, but even more important than numbers, is that the TUM School of Management’s professors continue to do top quality research and publish it in the best journals of their respective fields. Finally, we are also in the top group in the criterion “scientific approach to lecture”—which shows that we both do relevant research and transfer this new knowledge to our students.” The latter includes the following sub-categories: conveying of scientific thinking and research methods, stimulating critical reflection as well as reference to central and innovative research findings, and the ability to engage in expert discussion.

Overall, the results further confirm the school’s reputation as particularly strong in research and innovation. The TUM Campus Heilbronn was also included in the survey on research and contributes to the school’s top position.

The TUM School of Management is the largest business school represented in the CHE ranking. With a total of 5,200 students it has the most students of all universities represented.


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Find the complete CHE ranking here.

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