Flissade earns a spot among the top 10 Start-Ups of 2017

The website regularly publishes articles about the state of entrepreneurship and business both in the German as well as in international landscapes – as a form of retrospective during new-years, the website publishes lists with their 10 favorite international and German start-ups. The lists are not based on when the project was created, but rather when the website published an article about them and their reaction to its idea and general execution.

In their latest list about their top 10 German start-ups of 2017, one of the projects that made the list was flissade, a home-improvement project started by ex-students of Technical University of Munich (TUM) which has already won several awards and was featured in one of our articles back in November of 2017. flissade was born out of an idea that came to ex-TUM-architecture-students Lisbeth Fischbacher and Daniel Hoheneder while writing a term paper: a way to increase the size of your living space without having to build or have the drawbacks of a balcony.

Balconies disrupt the internal heating of apartments by dissipating the heat to the outside and the area can barely be used in the colder months of the year. flissade tackles this problem by manufacturing a series of glass panels that can be moved in and out of the balcony and be used to open or close it. During the winter the panels can be closed to create an interior space and during the summer it can be opened up to reveal a traditional balcony.

The young entrepreneurs received an enormous amount of guidance from various TUM professors including Prof. Fritz Frenkler, head of the Chair of Industrial Design; and also were supported by several TUM entrepreneurship projects and grants, including the Existenzgründungen aus der Wissenschaft (EXIST) fund from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and the “Climate KIC” at UnternehmerTUM. The support from the university and the various projects and funds as well as their extremely good grades and dedication greatly contributed to the fast approval of their patent and the swift kick start of their company.

Their project has undergone extensive testing and is already in the market introduction phase, their prototypes and practical performance have had the highest rates of success and the product has already passed the pilot phase.

flissade is another success story born out of the support provided by TUM, UnternehmerTUM and its many branches and spin-offs. It is an example of true entrepreneurship that was guided and taken into success by a competent team of experts and not by sheer luck.

On thumbnail: Lisbeth Fischbacher and Daniel Hoheneder

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