Fourth victory in fourth race

TUM Hyperloop wins fourth Hyperloop pod competition in Los Angeles at 288 mph

 In half an hour or less from Los Angeles to San Francisco, from New York to Washington, or from Munich to Berlin: the travel time between major cities is significantly shortened thanks to Hyperloop. In 2013, SpaceX founder Elon Musk introduced the concept of hyperloops, ultra-fast trains racing through a vacuum tube system. The reduced air resistance allows the capsule inside the tube to reach speeds of more than 1,000 km/h.

To further develop his idea, he launched the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2015. Student teams from all over the world take part in his competition and submit their designs for the transport capsules of the Hyperloop. This year, a total of 21 student teams from all over the world competed against each other with their prototypes for the Hyperloop cabin capsule, the so-called “Pod”.

Among others, the students of Technical University of Munich, who won the Hyperloop competition for the fourth time in a row. With a top speed of 463 km/h (288 miles per hour), the TUM Hyperloop team left all other teams far behind in the international competition.

At a speed of 463 km/h (288 miles per hour), this year’s TUM Hyperloop-team was just below the world record of the TUM team last year with 467 km/h (290 miles per hour).

At 257.5 km/h (160 miles per hour), the Swissloop team from ETH Zurich came a long way back. The EPFLoop team of the EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland) reached 238 km/h (148 miles per hour). The TU Delft Pod triggered a full stop after 200 metres, following a communication breakdown.

100 tests passed

During the competition week, the Hyperloop pods had to pass some 100 tests. “We passed all tests successfully, but not all at the first attempt,” says team manager Toni Jukic. Components failed and part of the software had to be rewritten. But, in many night shifts they ultimately managed to solve all problems.

“The Pod is the result of a four-year evolution, so to speak,” says Jukic. “We learned every year and implemented the results. Even though we did not break the world record, achieving the fourth victory in the fourth race, is unbelievable. We are elated,” says team leader Toni Jukic.

Levitation pod and tube system

The 15-student TUM Hyperloop “Research Team is at the same time exploring the Hyperloop concept for feasibility, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. They built a further pod with a functioning levitation system, which they presented at the competition along with the associated ultra-rigid concrete tube system.

Additional Information:

In addition to numerous industrial sponsors, the TUM provided the students with financing in the development of the prototypes. Moreover, the Hyperloop team was given access to the high-tech workshop MakerSpace of UnternehmerTUM, the center for innovation and founding on the Garching campus.


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