From fundamental research to new medications

Every year, more than 70 technological companies are established at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). TUM and UnternehmerTUM support them with special programs. Now four research teams from TUM have received m4 Awards and can also found companies.

FUSIX Biotech: Viruses against cancer

In their project FUSIX Biotech, Adjunct Teaching Professor Jennifer Altomonte and Teresa Krabbe have engineered a hybrid of two recombinant viruses to develop a superior oncolytic virus which is effective against primary liver cancer.

LOGIBODY: Nanoswitch for antibodies

The LOGIBODY team at the TUM Professorship for Biomolecular Nanotechnology and mentor Prof. Hendrik Dietz, have developed an “on/off switch” for antibody immunotherapies. This leads to fewer side-effects.

FRABIOTICS: Fragments against bacterial pathogens

Dr. Hannelore Meyer, research group leader at the TUM Institute for Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene, and her FRABIOTICS team in collaboration with the Helmholtz Zentrum München have identified a fragment, which blocks bacterial resistance to the most widely used antibiotics.

aBACTER: Resistance-free antibiotic therapy

In the aBACTER project, Prof. Stephan Sieber, who holds the Chair of Organic Chemistry II at TUM, Dr. Franziska Mandl, Dr. Christian Fetzer, and Dr. Mathias Hackl are developing an anti-infective against multiresistant bacteria.

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