How does the Corona crisis affect our students?

The Coronavirus has been paralyzing public life for days, and students are also affected. Although most students are on their semester break at the moment, time off does not necessarily mean time off. For most students, this time is even more stressful than the actual lecture period: normally, exams have to be taken, and deadlines have to be met. Does all of this work, while the federal government is imposing more and more measures to slow down the spread of the virus? What do students need to know right now? Here are some answers.


Do I still have to hand in my papers or thesis on time? What about exams?

The number of examinations being held is severely restricted. Until further notice, all examinations are cancelled. This also applies to all personal examinations. Our grade management has contacted all students who have to hand in a thesis until April 30, 2020 regarding the next steps.

The cancellation of examinations in light of the current measures to contain the corona pandemic poses a great challenge for many of our students. We are working together with all parties involved to minimize the impact of these measures as much as possible. Because the cancelled examinations vary greatly in format and number of participants, a university-wide decision on if and when examinations will be rescheduled cannot meet the requirements and conditions of these individual cases. We appreciate your understanding that the rescheduling of cancelled examinations is contingent upon the duration of the state and federal measures currently in place.

As matters stand, the majority of cancelled examinations can be rescheduled for the summer semester; in some cases, examinations will not be held again until the next regularly scheduled date. TUM School of Management will inform you via email, TUMonline or on the website about if and when cancelled examinations will be rescheduled.

Failure to meet the required amount of credits for this semester due to current limitations will be considered the result of circumstances beyond student’s control, and treated accordingly (§10 para. 6a, 6b General Academic and Examination Regulations APSO).


What do I have to consider with regards to the University Library?

All branch libraries including study areas like reading rooms and carells are closed for the public. Digital services like e-journals, e-books and databases are available as usual. If you have borrowed a book and cannot return it now, don’t worry about it: There will be no new fines. The deadlines of media that have already been borrowed will be adjusted. We therefore ask students not to return borrowed books or magazines by mail.

Find more information about the University Library in Munich here and the LIV in Heilbronn, here.


Will I get less BAföG now?

“No”, says the Federal Government. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) decided on Friday that BAföG grants will continue to be paid out. “Nobody should have to worry about their BAföG funding because of the Corona pandemic,” said Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek. Find more information here.


What can I expect after April 20? What about the new semester?

According to the current state of affairs, the lecture period in the summer semester begins regularly on April 20, 2020. The situation is re-assessed daily and we are currently unable to make any statement as to the extent and form in which teaching can be carried out in the summer semester.

Get involved!

Let us use this exceptional time as an opportunity to think differently. Work with us to find new solutions for digital learning, take part in a vivid and collaborative exchange to make our teaching ready for the world of tomorrow, or help design your future study programs. The TUM FUTURE LEARNING INITIATIVE presents the perfect opportunity – proposals can be submitted until April 30.


As an international starting a degree program in April, what should I consider?

Due to the current restrictions in university operations, we currently cannot make any statement as to whether it will be possible to move to Germany and start a degree program in the 2020 summer semester. Therefore, we recommend that international students who have received admission for the summer semester 2020 defer their studies to the winter semester 2020/21. Admission to the program will remain valid for the winter semester 2020/21. To defer your studies, you need to submit a new application via TUMonline during the regular application period for winter semester 2020/21 and upload your documents. You can find further information on how to defer the start of your degree program here.

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