How to Own Your Finance in the Digital Era


We are proud to announce that, starting this winter term, we will be offering a new master program at the TUM School of Management: the Master in Finance and Information Management! In an interview, we talked to Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl, Dean of the TUM School of Management about the implementation of this new, prestigious master program.


Question: The TUM School of Management will launch the Master in Finance and Information Management in the winter semester 2021/2022. How did it come about and what is the aim of the FIM program?

Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl, Dean of the TUM School of Management; Foto: Andreas Heddergott /TUM

Gunther Friedl: In 2004, the FIM study program was introduced as part of the Elite Network of Bavaria, and hosted mainly at the University of Augsburg. The University of Augsburg, the University of Bayreuth, the Technical University of Munich and other national and international scientific and business partners constitute this unique study program. The FIM program has emerged as a great success story ever since. Its high reputation is demonstrated by the nationwide CHE Master-Rankings throughout the past years, which is conducted by the newspapers “Die Zeit” and “Handelsblatt”, in which FIM was ranked first in all categories. One can surely say, that this is a top program for top students. Its aim is to discover potential talents, to educate leaders, and teach interdisciplinary competences at the intersection of finance and information management. And I am proud to say that the transition of the FIM program from the University of Augsburg to the TUM School of Management is taking shape.

Question: The FIM study program is considered unique, how so? What does the study program have to offer?

Gunther Friedl: The FIM program promotes an interdisciplinary approach, which includes highly diverse skills and interests. Technical education, personal development, and extension of interdisciplinary capabilities are core elements of our program with the aim to form leadership competences of tomorrow. The five majors include: Financial Management, Business & Information Systems Engineering, Analytics & Digital Business, Quantitative Finance, and Energy & Resource Management. Furthermore, the program is highly attractive: students get excellent support from our professors and business partners, the entrepreneurial spirit is highly promoted, and an international profile is possible due to our many partners abroad. All in all, every student benefits from a unique and exclusive study setting.

Question: FIM alumni have been very successful in the past, Celonis for example is a unicorn startup founded by TUM Alumni. How does the program prepare students for the future in finance and business?

Gunther Friedl: The continuation of the FIM program at the TUM School of Management adds internationality and entrepreneurship. High-level scientists as well as business experts mentor our students. Academic and professional mentors give advice and support the mentee with his or her individual career planning and personal development. Our network of renowned business partners provides a wide range of possibilities to deepen knowledge in practice and to do exciting internships, participate in workshops, and practical projects. I think the recipe for the success students have had in the past lies in the combination of theory and practice plus individual support from top professionals. The chance to study this unique program enables our students to develop their own ideas and connects them with businesses, non-profit organizations, and start-up capital. And let me say it’s a great pleasure for our school to continue the work of this unique program together with our partners from the School of Computation, Information, and Technology and with the University of Bayreuth. I am very much looking forward to start the FIM program at the TUM School of Management this coming winter term.

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