Introduction of new seminar placement tool at TUM School of Management



As of this summer term 2017, TUM School of Management is implementing a new tool to centralize and harmonize the seminar placement process.

In the past, students registered for several courses to make sure they got one of their preferred courses, but afterwards only accepted one of these courses. This made it almost impossible for course organizers to plan properly and many courses with a lot of registered students ended up with a low number of participants.

In response to this, the new tool has two key features:

  1. Firstly, students have a dominant strategy to reveal their preferences truthfully, distributing all available course slots equally among all applying students.
  2. Secondly, switching a course after the matching is performed is not possible anymore, thus minimizing the number of participants dropping out.

There is also no reason to be the first to submit the registration at a particular time. As the tool is not based on a first-come-first-serve-mechanism, the registration time does not affect the matching. Students may de-register or change their preferences at any time within the indicated registration period (27/02/17 – 12/03/17). This way, the course organizers and the department get much more information about the demand for different courses and they can better adapt to the needs of students in future terms.

The tool will include all (advanced) seminars by the participating chairs and professorships. For further information as to which chairs are participating please refer to the detailed course descriptions in TUMonline.

The registration period will start on 27/02/17 and end on 12/03/17.

Access to the tool is available via:

A guide on how to use the tool can be found here.

For further information please also refer to the FAQ section.

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