Inveox – Pionieering start – up receives award

Congratulations on Maria Sievert’s selection as a 2020 Influential Leader who has been announced by AACSB. After studying at TUM School of Management and University of Arkansas, she founded her start-up Inveox in February 2017. The young company wants to digitize pathology in order to avoid errors. Medical samples are confused, incorrectly packed or damaged when opened in the laboratory. 70-80 percent of errors are caused by the receipt of samples, a situation that is set to become a thing of the past. Sievert was recently selected as one of the best innovators under 35 by “Technology Review”. One year after Inveox was founded, Sievert was named one of the 25 Women Whose Inventions Change Our Lives by “Edition F” magazine. These recognitions demonstrate the potential that Inveox’s products can have in Germany and the rest of the world. Sievert was a finalist for the “Woman Leadership in Entrepreneurship Award” by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

Her participation with Startup Teens is quite similar to the way she leveraged her education and the “Manage&More” program at TUM in order to build Inveox. The program taught her important lessons that prepared her for entrepreneurship. She is giving back to the overall community by instructing young teens, particularly girls, so that they may someday realize their own entrepreneurial dreams. Sievert used her education and the opportunities she had to build her company, and now she is tutoring girls to fulfill their own ambitions.

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