Is a Summer School the right choice?

The words “summer school” have struck fear over the years in many children who hoped to spend their summer days in lazy relaxation. However, students and young professionals who have gotten over this old fear know that a summer school offers many opportunities for the motivated learner. Each program offers a different experience, and the wide variety of programs mean there is something for every interest out there.

A key difference between summer schools or short courses and normal university courses is focus. No matter if the program is one week or one month long, a summer school is completely devoted to one core subject instead of jumping between all the different courses that make up a normal university semester. Meeting more often means the ideas covered in each session remain fresh in your head, instead of having to re-read old notes in hopes of remembering last week’s lecture.

A deep dive into a topic in this way offers advantages for students regardless of their level of expertise in the chosen field. Students from other disciplines have the chance to branch out into other fields. They can bring their external perspective to the challenges surrounding the topic and take new knowledge back to their normal field of study, without sacrificing time from their core field. Those who are already familiar with the discipline have the opportunity to specialize their knowledge in areas particularly interesting to them, or that were not covered in as much detail in other courses. This can give an advantage over others in the field, as well as direct contact to the instructors. Plus, the ECTS credits from the summer school can lessen the academic load during the semester.

Outside of the knowledge gained from the course itself, participating in a summer school course looks great to potential employers. Not only were you driven enough to give up your free time, but you are always seeking to learn something new or increase your expertise in a field you are already in. Choosing a summer school instead of an empty summer break does not mean sacrificing any chance for relaxation though! Cultural programs and organized free-time activities are offered as part of many summer schools, letting participants explore their temporary home, unwind after lessons, and bond with others from the program.

Our 2019 International Summer School will feature all of this and more! The core topic of Sustainable Entrepreneurship is designed to teach participants the theory and practice of setting up a business that not only succeeds in the market but brings ecological and social benefits as well. Over two weeks, expert researchers from the TUM School of Management, lecturers from the Social Entrepreneurship Academy, and experienced entrepreneurs will pool their extensive knowledge to cover all the key aspects of becoming a sustainable entrepreneur.

Be part of an international group of participants able to exchange ideas from many cultures and backgrounds, forge new friendships into an international network, and take the first steps on the path to becoming a changemaker at the 2019 International Summer School Sustainable Entrepreneurship!

Find more details about the summer school and how to apply here.

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