Master in Management & Innovation Double Degree: Participants Complete Final Module in Munich

Participants in the Double Degree Track of our Master in Management & Innovation program cleared a crucial milestone in late March: The group successfully completed the final module on the curriculum before participants head into focused work on their Master’s Theses.

In front of the entire group, participants held the final presentations of their ongoing projects from modules “Technological Trends“ and “Growth Strategies & Business Models”. The audience was completed by the Start-Up founders who’ve been the cooperation partner for these projects.

After nine weeks of focused work on concrete business cases in direct cooperation with local companies, the “Project Work” module also wrapped up successfully. During the showcase of each participant’s results on final presentations’ day, guests included all tutors and representatives of participating businesses.

On the final day of the module “Personal & Leadership Development”, participants explored cultural aspects that need to be factored into working with international teams. During practical exercises the students were able to bring in their own experiences from working in an international context.

For an additional contribution to their personal development as business leaders, participants attended a coaching session hosted by Imme Vogelsang including helpful strategies in dealing with small talk and establishing business networks.

In the upcoming semester, a few participants will complete one more voluntary internship while others fully focus on their Master’s Theses.

For additional information on our degree Master in Management & Innovation, please visit our website.

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