Master in Management & Innovation in Paris, Heilbronn and Munich

New Classes Commence in Heilbronn (TUM Track) and Paris (Double Degree Track)

Starting off a new round of classes in the Master in Management & Innovation in Heilbronn (TUM Track), we are expecting around 25 Young Professionals for the first time to commence their studies on the TUM Campus in Heilbronn. Their very first module will introduce participants to the subject of “Strategic Management & Economics” under the academic direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Hutzschenreuter (TUM) and Prof. Dr. Marco Sahm (Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg).

The group can look forward to practice-oriented research, joined by direct insights into the Heilbronn region as a major innovation hub during numerous company visits at local businesses. Our new TUM Track participants will receive their formal welcome during a Welcome Day on the Heilbronn campus, where they are provided important information about the on-campus life as well as where they get the chance to get to know each other through a few games.

An exciting new time started for the new cohort of the Double Degree Track of the Master in Management & Innovation. The courses already began at our partner university HEC Paris in the beginning of September. In their first year the participants will study General Management until May and they will be able to enjoy a wide range of programs at HEC.

Third Semester of TUM Track and Double Degree Track Starts in München

We have a premiere in Munich as well.  For the first time, participants in the TUM Track as well as the Double Degree Track are starting their third semesters together at the TUM Campus in Munich. Both groups previously spent their first year of the Master’s Program either in Paris or Heilbronn. In order to ease the transition into academic life in Munich, the campus will host an informal get together event, where the participants can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere before the new semester starts.

In the first module of the new semester, participants will explore “Growth Strategies & Business Models”, courtesy of TUM expert Prof. Dr. Thomas Hutzschenreuter together with Prof. Dr. Oliver Alexy. In a separate lecture, Prof. Dr. Oliver Alexy will showcase the latest “Technological Trends”. Participants can also look forward to producing tangible results as part of the module on “Innovation Prototyping” by Prof. Dr. Dr. Holger Patzelt and Harald Leibinger: In the time before the Holidays, participants will formulate their own business ideas and build a complete product prototype in the MakerSpace workshop on the TUM Campus in Garching.

We are looking forward to welcoming our students at our two locations in October.

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