Master in Management & Innovation TUM Track: Participants Complete Four-Week Study Trip to China

Participants in the Master in Management & Innovation TUM Track program returned from their four-week study trip to China impressed and with an entirely new perspective on the business landscape of their host country. From 17 June to 12 July, the class visited major cities and institutions in what has already become the world’s second-largest economic power.

The group was treated to a fully stacked curriculum of lectures, created in direct cooperation with partner university Tsinghua University, supplemented by company visits with global enterprises. In Beijing, the Tsinghua University School of Finance presented courses on China’s Macro-Economy, Innovation Management as well as Fin Tech and Technological Trends. Rounding out the program, the Tsinghua School of Journalism & Communication focused on China’s Media Industry as well as EU-China Relations: Opportunities, Challenges and Mutual Perceptions.

Company visits in Beijing included the mobility platform Didi with a concept similar to Uber, next to the Tsinghua X-Lab and European Chamber of Commerce. As a special treat, the group had a chance for a discussion with bestselling author and China expert Frank Sieren, who fielded questions on Chinese business culture.

After making the trip to Shanghai via high-speed train, the group toured the German Center TaiCang. As the next stop, the delegation visited the region known as the Chinese Silicon Valley: The metropolitan city of Shenzhen is home to 13 million people and the headquarters of several international corporations. During the two-week stay in Shenzhen, the TUM delegation completed visits to Tencent, Huawei, Shenzhen Outbound Alliance and the Chinese Academy of Science as well as lectures from the PBC School of Finance (PBCSF) of Tsinghua University.

Rounding out a full itinerary, the group experienced several cultural highlights such as the Great Wall of China and insights into their host country’s (business) culture. Directly following their return, the participants embarked on their international internship on 15 July that will be the main focus until 31 September.

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