Master Program “Technology and Management of Renewable Energies”- A joint master program of TUM and UTM, Tunis

Actual situation and the long-term initiative TUM.Africa

It is widely acknowledged in the political, economic and scientific world that substantial efforts are needed in the coming decades to improve the economic and social situation in nearly all countries in Africa not least against the background of global challenges like e.g. climate change, environmental pollution and loss of biodiversity or shortage of natural resources like water, fertile agricultural land or minerals. Additionally, substantial parts of the population in many countries in Africa suffer from hunger or malnutrition, do not have access to clean water or lack sufficient energy supply. Therefore, many international institutions and other stakeholders call for a stronger engagement of industrialized countries of the North to support the population in less industrialized countries of the South.

The Technical University of Munich launched the long-term Africa initiative “TUM.Africa” in November 16th  2018 at the TUM-Africa-Symposium by Vicepresident Juliane Winkelmann (

In addition to collaboration in individual projects, long-term partnerships in the key areas teaching, research and entrepreneurship will be actively promoted in future, with the efforts coordinated at TUM in a cross-faculty Africa network. The objective is to work together with partners on location using new methods and adapted technologies to set examples in terms of promoting the sustainable development of the continent.

Targets of the master program “Technology and management of renewable energies”

The aforesaid targets and challenges will be tackled by a planned master program “Technology and management of renewable energies” which will be developed by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the University Tunis el Manar (UTM). This master program shall be established in Tunis and will be open for bachelor students mainly of other African countries (in particular sub-Saharan countries). Especially in the countries of Sub-Sahara there is a strong need for improving energy infrastructure and energy supply since e.g. often only one third of the population has access to power. Thus, there is a strong need of specially-educated and trained specialists for developing, establishing and maintaining an energy supply system based on regenerative energies and adapted to the specific situations of the African countries.

Addressed African students and specific curriculum

The main target of the planned master program “Technology and management of renewable energies” is to provide a specific education related to renewable energies and the management of them on master level for African students with a bachelor degree in energy technology, engineering, natural sciences and environmental sciences. Thereby the education and training program will be adapted to the specific situation in African countries in particular in the Sub-Saharan region. The education will be located at UTM in Tunis with a student exchange of one semester to the TUM Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability. According to international standards, English will be the teaching language and the master program will last 4 semesters.

The curriculum will contain courses related to the principles, the technology and the use of important regenerative energy sources (such as hydropower, solar technology, wind energy, use of biomass for energy purposes, geothermal energy etc.), as well as principles of the management of them. The latter refers to courses related to basics of business management, management of energy facilities, energy markets as well as modules related to innovation management and entrepreneurship. The modules will include “classical” in-class lectures but emphasis also is put on interactive teaching methods like project studies, case studies and seminar work. Thereby it is an important target of the master program to teach knowledge and know-how which is adapted to the specific situation in the countries of interest in Africa so that the graduates of this program can use this knowledge after returning to their home countries to improving the energy situation there.

Joint activities with double degree of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the University of Tunis El Manar (UTM).

This project is based on the idea for developing the master program in common activities between the University of Tunis el Manar (UTM) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM). A program with double degree of both universities offers many advantages for both, the African students and for the two universities. Both universities have a history of more than 20 years in collaboration and will bring its specific strengths in this master program. UTM has long-lasting experience and specific expertise in the field of (regenerative) energy technology and will contribute this to the planned master program which is complemented by the specific management and entrepreneurial expertise related to renewable resources of the professors of TUM Campus Straubing (Chairman of the project: Prof. Dr. Klaus Menrad;  Senior advisor: Prof. Dr. Ralf Reichwald, TUM-School of Management, Fac. Emeriti of Excellence).

The planned master program in “Technology and management of renewable energies” will not only respond to the requirements of the specific situation in different African countries (in particular Sub-Saharan countries), but also meets the high international standards of education. The project duration is 2 years. The first year will be dedicated to the conception phase of the master program. In the second year the master program will be implemented and rolled out. In order to conceive a program that is aligned with the highest standards of higher education and with the requirements of the Bologna process, we follow the guidelines of TUM for establishing new master programs. In addition, the guidelines of German accreditation institutes are taken into account that provide a comprehensive overview of all the requirements, which are necessary to develop a master program, while ensuring a high international education quality.

Project Approval by the DAAD in February 2019

The project was applied within the DAAD funding program “German-Arab University partnerships with partner universities in Africa”. The  project was approved by the DAAD in February 2019.

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