Meet our TUM Campus Heilbronn Graduate and Pioneer Serhat!

Name: Serhat Ciftci

Origin: Turkey


Favorite lecture

I especially enjoyed the elective module ‘Digital Finance’ in the master program. It was so intriguing to learn how technological innovations are rapidly changing existing financial services and products. We had valuable discussions in the lecture about identifying the chances and opportunities of Digital Finance. This lecture even inspired me to write a master’s thesis on cryptographic assets.

Favorite spot on campus

The Bildungscampus has changed so much in the last two years – it is hard to pick one particular place. The newly built library offers an extremely comfortable environment for both group and self-study activities. At ‘Campus Founders’, students can actively participate in entrepreneurial activities. And starting next year, a coding school is also going to be active on campus. I think all these new facilities make studying at TUM Campus Heilbronn even more attractive.


Favorite memories

In my third semester, I took an elective course called ‘Corporate Campus Challenge’. In the course of this module, I participated in a campus-wide competition in which student teams were invited to solve a specific problem proposed by a local company in Heilbronn. The goal of the contest was to identify unmet user needs, create new products or services, and develop a tested functional prototype. My team and I developed a design concept to save the beehives from Varroa mites by using image recognition and artificial intelligence. In the end, our solution won the company award as well as the audience award among eleven teams. This was the most memorable moment I experienced during my studies.

Finally, I can say that I met very interesting and inspiring people coming from different cultures and learned a lot from them. The university staff were very supportive right from the beginning and I always received kind help when needed.


Plans after graduation

During my studies, I had the chance to get industry experience by doing several internships. Particularly, I worked on topics related to finance and software development. I really enjoyed this experience and I would like to continue my career in the finance industry, as a developer or data scientist.

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