#MOOCMonday summer series: How to develop a successful e-learning program

Online learning is offering a variety of advantages for students – if the courses are designed in a motivational and inspiring way. Spoiler alert: Just putting content that is normally teached in classrooms on a digital platform might be the wrong way. As E-Learning expert at the Munich Aerospace e.V., Jennifer Weißenberger knows what is essential for creating a successful online learning program.

In the second interview of our #MOOCMonday summer series, she provides some tips for instructors who are thinking about starting their own MOOC and explains more about the course “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space” she designed.


Let’s take a student’s perspective first: What are the most significant advantages of online courses or programs?

The most significant advantage of digital learning is the independency of time and place. Through the offer of online courses, the exchange of research and knowledge is possible in a worldwide context and students are able to individualize their personal learning paths. Institutions and universities all around the globe can offer barrier-free and interactive learning as many programs have become easily available and accessible for everybody.

What advice might you offer long-standing instructors venturing into online education for the first time?

The adjustment into online education is not as complicated as it seems at first sight. Most importantly, be open-minded towards change and do not hesitate to ask for support from other online instructors. I am sure they will have valuable tips and ideas for you. Determining your course structure in advance is very helpful and knowing what kind of content you would like to teach and impart and which knowledge gaps to bridge. All that is left to say is: start and try it! Your course will become great and successful and you will learn a lot while developing it!

What is the most important knowledge gap that ´Digitalisation is Aeronautics and Space´ on Coursera aims to bridge?

The course “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space” focuses especially on topics outside the usual teaching canon at universities. It gives learners an overview of the most relevant changes in the field and points out examples where digitalisation caused a tremendous and irreversible change. All this is underlined by different perspectives from various institutions and experts from research, industry and politics.


About the course:

Have you ever thought about the strong connection between Digitalisation and aerospace? The online course “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space” aims at making participants aware of special production requirements of the industry connected with digitalisation. You will learn about the role of robotics and automation in manufacturing, instructional aircraft design or GNSS and gain a better understanding of differing perspectives on research in the field or aerospace, among other things. Our Munich Aerospace Specialisation course “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space” is available on Coursera, and was jointly created by the Technical University of Munich and Munich Aerospace e.V.


If you are interested in creating a MOOC or taking part in the course “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space”, please contact our Digital Learning Program Manager Konstantina Koumpouli via

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