Outstanding rankings for TUM

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has earned excellent evaluations in two international rankings: In the “QS World University Ranking” TUM is the best German university and is among the top 25 in the world for natural sciences and engineering sciences. According to the “Nature Index”, TUM publishes the most studies in academic journals from the “Nature” and “Science” publishing houses. For the fourth time in a row, TUM is the top-rated German university in the “QS Ranking”. Internationally TUM was ranked in position 61 on the list, which is dominated by US and British universities.

Prepared by British careers specialist QS, the ranking is based on surveys that explore the reputation of universities in academic and business circles, the number of citations of their studies, the student-teacher ratio and the proportion of international staff and students. QS recently published a ranking by individual disciplines, in which TUM was ranked 20th in the natural sciences and 25th in engineering sciences worldwide. In the ranking based on specific subjects, TUM is among the top 50 in physics, architecture, mechanical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, informatics, agricultural sciences and mathematics.

The “Nature Index”, also released today, evaluates how often universities published studies in 82 important academic natural sciences and geosciences journals during 2017. According to Nature Publishing Group estimates, these journals account for approximately 30 percent of all citations in these subjects. The ranking considers the percentage of the scientists at each university among all the authors of a given publication.

This index lists TUM as number 76 worldwide. Looking at only the contributions published in the particularly renowned academic journals of the “Nature” Group and the “Science” Group, TUM was ranked number 42 and is thus the number 1 in Germany and number 9 in Europe.


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