Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pfotenhauer on Responsible Research & Innovation in Science Magazine

In an interview with the online outlet of the journal Science, Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Professor of Innovation Research at the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) and TUM School of Management, commented on the growing focus on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). RRI is an approach to research and innovation that explicitly considers social aspects such as inclusiveness, reflexivity, and anticipation of unintended consequences. According to Pfotenhauer, RRI is “above all an opportunity for truly collective stewardship of our highly technologized future,” foregrounding how science and society can “shape each other in mutually responsive ways.” He warns that unless scientists and innovators embrace a fundamental shift in perspective and recognize that the public has “a legitimate reason to be heard as a set of voices that have to live with the consequences of science and technology,” they will continue to be “puzzled by the inevitable political controversies and political disputes surrounding new technologies.”

Prof. Pfotenhauer, who runs the Innovation, Society, and Public Policy Group at MCTS, is co-leading efforts on launching a new Masters’ program at MCTS on Responsibility in Science and Technology (RESET) in October 2017, funded by the Bavarian government through the Elitenetzwerk Bayern.

The whole article “To be a responsible researcher, reach out and listen” can be accessed here  -No expiration date-


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