Prof. Hutzschenreuter about new strategies emerging from digitalization

Prof. Hutzschenreuter published an article about the new competitive strategies of companies in times of digitalization. The article with the headline “Im Digitalen braucht es neue Strategien” was published in the printed version of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) on November 20, 2017.

In his article, Thomas Hutzschenreuter states that competitive strategies will be completely changed in the course of digital transformation. Though competitive advantages are still gained with superior value-price ratios, the way how to gain those advantages will change. According to Prof. Hutzschenreuter, digitalization enables companies to expand and create the customer benefit of their products and services. For instance through customization of products or additional services that support the product. He furthermore writes about the emergence of new value chains that are based on digital technologies. As an example he names the platforms Ebay, Uber and Airbnb that use digital strategies and are highly successful on the capital market.

Prof. Thomas Hutzschenreuter is head of the chair for Strategic and International Management at TUM School of Management. Prof. Hutzschenreuter is a member of various associations for which he also acts as a reviewer. He is Senior Editor of Management and Organization Review and Department Editor of the journal BuR – Business Research.

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