Prof. Kaserer on”Financial Fairplay” in European Soccer Leagues

Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaserer, Chair of Financial Management and Capital Markets and  Academic Director Open & Customized Programs, and his Team did a study about the inequality within the five bigest European soccer leagues looking at the effect of the  set of rules and regulations from the UEFA called „Financial Fairplay“, launched in 2012. The investigation reveals an increase in both the proportional contribution of successful clubs to their leagues´overall transfer budget and the gap between the market values of teams. The authors therefore recommend that the regulations should be changed to make smaller clubs more attractive to investors without sacrificing the goal of financial stability. The conditions introduced for the licensing period from 2015 to 2018, which offer more flexibility to clubs currently experiencing upheaval or going through a developmental stage, are thus a step in the right direction. According to the authors, there is also room for improvement when it comes to the economic transparency of clubs.

More information and the results are available in the press release.

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