Research Insights TUM-Study Explores Economic Impact of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is widely known as the foundation for so-called cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The term “Blockchain” refers to decentralized, encrypted networks, which offer a high level of data security via deeply integrated verification processes. Actually, the potential ramifications of Blockchain extend far beyond the realm of cyber currencies, as the technology could radically disrupt various market segments and industries.

This assessment is scientifically confirmed by a recent TUM School of Management study, with results recently published in a research paper. Under the title “Disrupting Industries With Blockchain: The Industry, Venture Capital Funding, and Regional Distribution of Blockchain Ventures”, TUM authors Maximilian Friedlmaier, Dr. Andranik Tumasjan, and Prof. Dr. Isabell M. Welpe of the research group Blockchain Research outline the full disruptive potential of the technology.

As the basis of the study, one of the first empirical analyses of the subject, the authors drew on four company databases containing start-up ventures with a Blockchain focus. The authors compiled these four databases into one singular repository, allowing for qualitative evaluations such as the geographic distribution of blockchain-based start-ups, coverage of different economic sectors, and share of venture capital funding.


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