Research project examines relationships between gender and care

In the research association ForGenderCare, eleven Bavarian research institutions join forces to investigate relationships between gender and care in twelve partial projects. Two of the projects are conducted by researchers from Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Prof. Claudia Peus, who holds the chair of research and science management at TUM School of Management, studies how parental leave influences leadership styles and the assessment of leaders’ competences. In her first research results, she found convincing arguments that women and especially men in leadership positions should take parental leaves. According to Prof. Peus, leaders who took parental leave, are perceived not only as more caring and understanding, but also as highly transformational. A transformational leadership style was proven to be very effective in various studies – especially in times of change.

Prof. Susanne Ihsen, who holds the professorship of gender studies in engineering at TUM, conducted a study to examine how technology influences the social participation of senior citizens. She found, that senior citizens – especially women – are rarely included in the design processes of technological devices. In her research, Prof. Ihsen brings together experts and senior citizens to test participatory approaches in areas, which affect senior citizens in their everyday life. She also suggests, that engineering students learn how to address the technological needs of elderly people.

Find more information (in German) here.

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