Review: The TUM Learning Challenge 2021

Now that the first month of 2022 has passed, it is time to take stock of our New Year’s resolutions. Let’s be honest: You probably didn’t go for a run as often as you had planned or didn’t learn the new language as ambitiously as you had intended. Especially if you’ve resolved to learn something new, it can be difficult to pursue your learning goals regularly and over the long term, alongside time with family and friends, existing hobbies and, of course, your job. That is why the learning experts at the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning launched the “TUM Learning Challenge” in 2021.

The team provided learners with monthly e-mail newsletters with tips and tricks on learning and learning processes. Just a few topics of the “Learning Nuggets”: How can I develop an optimal time management? Why is feedback so important? And, of course: What can a sustainable learning method look like for me?

It was important to the learning experts that the impulses could be applied to all areas of learning –  and in fact the resolutions that the participants submitted for the individual challenge provided great differentiation. “This year, I want to learn what I enjoy doing in my job and how I can expand on that,” wrote one participant, while a second reported, “I want to learn digital marketing and online PR.”

Learning impulses help to pursue New Year’s resolutions and achieve goals

“We wish to keep growing, to learn new things, and to share our views of the world with others. But sometimes this comes too short in the hustle and bustle of everyday (professional) life,” describes PD Dr. habil Kristin Knipfer, Executive Director Talent & Leadership Development at the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning, who developed the Learning Challenge with her team, the idea behind the impulses. “As research shows: The more concrete a learning goal, the greater the chance that you will achieve it.” That’s why all the Learning Nuggets not only featured helpful tips, but also delved into neurological processes and current research explaining why exercise, for example, can boost mental productivity or why a “growth mindset” helps with learning.

One of the learning tips: Be an inspiration to others and share your learning progress. The TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning team recently once again experienced proof that this works. Inspired by a colleague who covered 1,000 kilometers on his office treadmill in 2021 and shared on his LinkedIn profile how he learned to integrate exercise into his daily routine, there are now already two more treadmills in the team.

January may be over now and New Year’s resolutions may be mentally checked off – but it is never too late to learn something new. We at the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning are deeply convinced of this. Therefore, if you want to pursue your personal learning goal in 2022, you can read all the Learning Nuggets again here.

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