Roman Herzog Institute Awards Dr. Christina Hertel with Highly Endowed Research Prize for Social Market Economy

Last week in Munich, the Roman Herzog Institute (RHI) awarded three young scientists the Roman Herzog Research Prize Social Market Economy 2019. This prize is one of the highest endowed awards in the field of economics and social sciences. It was awarded for the sixth time. Among the three winners is Dr. Christina Hertel from Technical University of Munich (TUM), who received the second prize.

Dr. Hertel was awarded for her dissertation “Community-Based Entrepreneurship – Toward a Legitimate Research Domain”, which she presented at TUM. It examines community-based entrepreneurship, i.e. the creation of enterprises that are collectively established, owned and controlled by the members of a local community. They aim at solving a local or societal problem in an entrepreneurial way while creating economic, social and ecological added value for the region. Further insight into Dr. Hertel’s work can be found in this short here.

The other prizewinners are Dr. Peter Eppinger from Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, who received the first prize, and the third prizewinner is Dr. Susanne Veldung from Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg.

In addition to RHI’s chairman, Prof. Randolf Rodenstock, vbw President Wolfram Hatz and Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, also presented the awards ceremony.

“The 2019 award-winning works all deal in very different ways with the present and future of the social market economy. They are also a mirror for the challenges facing our economic order today. These range from the consequences of digitization – which also enables the relocation of service workplaces – to the increased demands on companies to act socially and ecologically,” explained Prof. Randolf Rodenstock, CEO of RHI.

Cardinal Marx said in his speech: “The social market economy is an attempt to set a positive picture of the future in motion. It is necessary to discuss this again and again: What do we actually want, where do we want to go? Is it possible for us to find a new idea for progress?”

vbw President Wolfram Hatz explained: “As Bavarian industry, we like to support the Roman Herzog Social Market Economy Research Prize because it honors young scientists who are intensively involved in the further development of our economic order. In doing so, they are making an important contribution to making our country fit for the future”.

Image: © smolaw11 / Fotolia

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