Study clarifies commercials’ issues for betting companies in the UK

Advertisements for sport bets in the UK have severely gained mathematical complexity over the past few years, what makes the decision-making of sports fans a lot harder. This is the finding of a recent TUM study by Dr. Philip Newall at the Chair of Marketing at the TUM School of Management of Prof. Dr. Christoph Fuchs.

The fact is that the gambling debts in Great Britain are currently rising, also because players can no longer grasp the complex advertising and profit opportunities of such games. Dr. Philip Newall, with a five-part experiment with 1467 participants, who have been presented with bets with varying complexity, provides scientific proof regarding bets ranging from simple assessments of the winner of a game up to probabilities like “Wayne Rooney to score the first goal, 5-to-1”.

Such complicated bets with “live chances” are, according to the study, extremely difficult to estimate. But it is precisely this type of bet that prevails in the UK, since it is the most likely way to mislead consumers – and thus provide the highest profit margins for bookmakers.

The results of the study are currently part of a public discussion on the elucidation and limitation of placing bets in gambling games. A serious topic: Currently, one Briton loses an average of £ 310 in gambling per year.


The study can be found here in the full English original.

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