TEDxTUM Talk by Prof. Dr. Hugo M. Kehr on How To “Motivate Yourself with Visions, Goals and Willpower”

Why is it that business leaders sometimes face difficulties in reaching their goals? And how can they keep their mind away from distractions and focus on essentials? The key to it all is motivation – as outlined in the TEDxTUM Talk on How To “Motivate Yourself with Visions, Goals and Willpower” by Prof. Dr. Hugo M. Kehr, Chair of Psychology.
With already more than 30,000 views on YouTube, Prof. Kehr’s presentation in English provides hands-on suggestions for how business leaders can motivate themselves. The TEDxTUM Talk explores subjects such as the conflict between head and heart when it comes to reaching “inconvenient” goals that tend to require immense amounts of willpower, or when it comes to suppressing temptations that distract from critical goals.
One of many important take-aways from Prof. Dr. Hugo M. Kehr’s talk: Willpower is a limited resource, which can be depleted by certain tasks and then requires time to regenerate.
Based on this key finding, Kehr extracts a three-component model of motivation consisting of the factors Heart (emotions), Head (reasoning), and Hand (abilities/skills). Whenever these three components work in harmony, individuals reach a state of “flow” that has proven ideal for completing complex tasks. But when these three components are out of synch, motivational problems, procrastination, and problems in realizing goals ensue.

In order to determine where a business leader’s motivation is situated in a specific project, Prof. Kehr introduced this three-component analysis:

We would also like to invite you to watch the TEDxTUM Talk by Prof. Dr. Hugo M. Kehr in its entirety on YouTube.

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