Testimonial Master in Management & Innovation: Andreas Kolb Rates Academic Experience Positively, Expands Knowledge on Digitization and Sales Processes

Successful Immersion in Business Practice: Master in Management & Innovation Program at the TUM School of Management’s Heilbronn Campus Learns Important Skills to Master Digital Transformation 


Andreas Kolb counts among the participants enlisted in the TUM School of Management’s „Master in Management & Innovation” program at the TUM Campus in Heilbronn. After completing his first semester, Kolb rated the synchronized blend between academic theory and business practice in a highly positive manner.

Together with fellow program participants Julia Goldberg and Anja Fischer, Kolb worked on a specific set of tasks in processes of digitization at the Andreas Schmid Group, a family-owned business conglomerate in the logistics industry. “Our task consisted of extracting specific processes that are suited optimally for a switch to Robotic Process Automation (RPA),” said Andreas Kolb. The TUM team was tasked with building a suitable theoretical model allowing employees of the Andreas Schmid Group to specifically identify and process business processes ready for digitization. Supporting this process, the team also created a specific score card. As the ultimate goal, the team needed to advance the RPA process during the four-month project period far enough – also by applying testing regiments – to implement the process in actual system environments.

“By applying the software, we hope to achieve an increase in data quality. Additionally, RPA offers a chance to minimize risks by applying plausibility processes. And last but not least, we expect an increase in productivity thanks to time savings,” said Dr. Claudia Ambrosy (Head of Sales) and Dr. Michael Hofmann (CEO of the Andreas Schmid Lab GmbH) about the benefits of RPA. The sales segment offers a variety of standardized and repetitive processes that are highly suited for being handled by software. The relatively small project team created a foundation for implementing these processes. “The software helps us to automate standardized processes, freeing up resources that employees can then use for other tasks,” said Andreas Kolb.

“My academic experience at TUM School of Management has prepared me optimally for this application in practice,” said Kolb. He especially pointed out strategic planning knowledge obtained in Heilbronn, which proved useful in setting and achieving business goals during his time working on the project. “It was fun to try out my theoretical knowledge in practice and obtain feedback at the same time.” The seminar hosted by TUM expert Prof. Helmut Krcmar provided additional preparation to help participants draft a detailed plan for software implementation. The seminar also cultivated a habit of diligently adhering to step-by-step workflows. “We kept all cautions in mind during the practical application and the employees have responded positively to the implementation of the new software,” said Andreas Kolb, pleased with the final results.


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