Thomas Hutzschenreuter: “Strategists get ahead with foresight and clear thinking”

Digital transformation, globalization, automation: The world is changing. What do strategists need in such uncertain times to ensure corporate success? Dr. Thomas Hutzschenreuter, Professor of Strategic and International Management at the TUM School of Management, discusses this question in an interview with the Roman Herzog Institute.

Thinking ahead and solving problems

Strategists have to guide their company into the future under ever-changing conditions – and at the same time, they need to deliver a stellar performance in the present. In order to master this challenge, they should be able to imagine the future and to think clearly, says Thomas Hutzschenreuter: “As a strategist, I need the skills to solve problems, to analyze and structure things. I have to make decisions on this basis,” the leading researcher says.

He adds that the ability to communicate is a third characteristic which is indispensable for strategists. It helps to bring all partners of a company on board – on the way to a successful future. You can watch the full interview here:

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