TUM Entrepreneurship Day 2019

On June 24, 2019 the TUM Entrepreneurship Day will take place at the Audimax Foyer of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) from 6 pm until 10 pm.




Visitors are invited to experience the entrepreneurial spirit of TUM and attend different award ceremonies, such as the TUM Presidential Entrepreneurship Award. In addition, all Start-ups and Start-up interested parties can take part in various networking opportunities and Start-up focused offers.


One of these offers is the prototyping workshop: The exercise helps students understand the benefits and challenges of prototyping innovative business ideas. This year’s task is to develop an innovative idea for a smart lamp which fits into the key innovation trend smart home. During the teamwork, the teams face key challenges for Start-ups such as time pressure, the need to coordinate team work as well as resource limitations and challenges related to technical feasibility and customer feedback. Each team hast 45 minutes to develop their business idea and prototype. Then the participants have five minutes to present their results.

Interested parties can register for the protoyping workshop at the infopoint right at the beginning of the event at 6 pm.


Furthermore, TUM founder teams have the opportunity to give the “Perfect Pitch” and have the chance to win up to 7,000 €. The six previously selected finalists will pitch live at the TUM Entrepreneurship Day 2019. To participate, contestants can send their application documents to no later than 30 May 2019 with the keyword “Pitch Perfect 2019”. At least one team member has to be a student, scientist, employee or alumnus of the TUM and your start-up was founded no longer than 2 years ago.

This year’s event will also feature the video-pitch competition entitled “Problems worth Solving”. Interested persons can send in their pitches in video form to compete against other ideas for a prize of 1,000 €. To participate, contestants may produce a video not longer than 90 seconds that illustrates the problem very clearly and in a creative way. The video has to be uploaded into Slack until latest 10 June 2019. The three chosen finalists will be presented and awarded on stage during the TUM Entrepreneurship Day 2019. At least one of the team’s members must be a student, a PhD, an employee or an alumnus of TUM.

Furthermore, founder teams in all development stages of their Start-up can present themselves to the public to showcase their new technologies, products and prototypes. Interested parties can register with an email and the registration form to by using the keyword “E-Day Messe”.


You can find the event’s program below:

6 pm: Welcome

6:15 pm: Pitch Perfect – Live Pitch Competition: live competition between established, high-tech start-up teams competing for money prizes

6:45 pm: Video Competition – Problems worth Solving

7 pm: Award ceremony Video Competition & Pitch Competition: award ceremony of winners of both “Pitch Perfect” and “Problems worth Solving”

7:15 pm: Award ceremony TUM Presidential Entrepreneurship Award: this prize is given out yearly to outstanding start-up projects based on research

From 8 pm: Networking at the Start-up fair: registered projects are presented to guests, mentors and investors

Further information can be found here

The registration link can be found here





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