TUM founds School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence at downtown Munich

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is fulfilling its long-lasting plan of incentivizing the development of artificial intelligence and its implementation in practical and theoretical research. With the recently created School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, TUM unifies the research being conducted by more than 30 professorships of various different faculties under one roof at downtown Munich.

Leading professor Prof. Sami Haddadin was appointed as director of the new center and started his duties on April 1, 2018, officially initiating operations at the new location at the former paper technology institute at the Heßstraße.

The center is being designated as an integrative research center due to the many different areas tackled by the many different projects being developed inside its walls which are united by the focus on robotics and artificial intelligence. It has as focus points Health, Work and Mobility and intends on not only answering the increasing demand for artificial intelligence solutions for companies and production facilities, but also personal needs of the population regarding robotics and the aforementioned artificial intelligence. Examples of projects being considered at the center are robotic constructs designed to help people with disabilities or of old age (Health); solutions for learning and the future of teamwork (Work) and autonomous means of transportation and advancement of existing ones (Mobility). Nonorobotics are also planned as a future endeavor to be addressed by researchers housed at the center.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Herrmann, TUM’s president, was quoted as saying that “With the founding of the School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence, TUM has strengthened its already outstanding competence when it comes to artificial intelligence and robotics.[…]” and was also quoted as comparing the project to a “lighthouse”.



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