TUM is part of the new high-tech library cooperation in Heilbronn

TUM is part of the new high-tech library cooperation in Heilbronn

In a few weeks the new central building of the university library in Heilbronn will open to all students. It is the new, widely visible gem of the university city of Heilbronn, which at the same time stands for a unique cooperation of the universities located on the Bildungscampus Heilbronn. The name of the new community library is “LIV”, which stands for “learn, inform, network” (in German: Lernen Informieren Vernetzen). One of the members of this cooperation is the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

The new library building is designed as a futuristic glass cube. On six floors, students can use the new learning and working environments alone or in groups. In addition to quiet individual workspaces, there is also room for group workspaces as well as large learning rooms with sofas and seating groups. Barbara Tasch, Managing Director of TUM Heilbronn, emphasizes that it is a stroke of luck that TUM in Heilbronn can now advertise with an attractive, well stocked library after only one year. “Anything that contributes to making the location here highly attractive is positive”, she says.


Many new advantages

Not only the design of the building is futuristic: It is also planned that the library will be open all around-the-clock. The building is designed in such a way that it can be opened without personnel. However, this must first be tested. In any case, it should be possible to borrow and return books and media 24 hours a day. The idea of a “fluid library” is also to be implemented. Books no longer have a fixed place but can be stored randomly on the shelves. RFID chips are used to record them, enabling them to be located online and, if necessary, by mobile phone. So, the next user always finds the current location of the book in the online catalogue. Virtual signposts then lead the user to the desired book or paper.


This combination of design, cooperation and new technologies once again highlights the attractiveness of Heilbronn as an important educational location for the Technical University of Munich as well as for students intending to start their studies at TUM.




Image: Bibliothek – Perspektive OG3_(c) Auer Weber_Dieter Schwarz Stiftung

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